Communication is key. 

 Notice: These rules are alive and will grow as we grow. In order to preserve this community disciplinary actions will be as follows 1st offense is a warning from leadership, 2nd offense is removal from clan activities for a period of time, 3rd offense is removal from the clan.

Rules are as follows:

#1 Respect your clansmen

#2 Taboo subjects include racism, religion, rape, and politics etc

#3 There is only 1 agenda and that is the clan agenda

#4 Harassment of any kind is grounds for immediate ban

#5 At the end of the day we are here to play games and have fun

#6 If you are inactive for 25 days then you will be removed from the clan - If you believe you are going to be inactive or not playing/participating for a period of time longer than the above inactivity rule then please communicate that and then remove yourself from the clan and then re-apply once you become more active.