Who doesn't like recognition? #2

I enjoy recognition myself quite a bit actually, but I also enjoy giving it to others just as much if not more. I believe that this person is very deserving of some recognition within our slice of this community. Msteeza came to us as a fledgling on January 17th of this year and earned her wings on the 31st of the same month. If you are not aware she is also a member of the welcome committee.

Msteeza is being recognized for posting weekly updates for the clan. Thank you for your efforts and helping to keep people informed on things regarding Destiny. I'm glad you are apart of this group and look forward to the future you have with RoR. I have many more Raven to recognize and I will continue this segment until everyone is recognized, so be aware that I am lurking and watching.

Pr1vateblack - Proud Leader and Founder of RoR