Design Contest Part Two

We have another design contest about to kick off!
This time we want you to come up with a badass design/logo for PvP T-Shirts! Here are the Do's, Do not's, and MUST INCLUDE rules for you to follow!

  • Your design must include the words "Conspiracy" and "PvP'
  • You have ONE week to get your designs submitted. Please send them to me via E-Mail -
  • You must keep your design confidential - We want to keep voting fair and keep all designs anonymous until the winner is revealed.
  • I would prefer if all images could be sent in a .PNG file but open to special circumstances, please let me know if you are unable to use .PNG.
  • REMEMBER- Because these shirts will be sold, we have to keep the designs 100% original. Do not take images, weapons, armor, or logos from the game. If you submit a design and it's in that grey area of copy right laws, I will have you fix it or submit a new design. No exceptions

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! Please come to ME with any questions or concerns! 

Solar OUT!