Did you know? Issue #4

To all the current and even the past Ravens out there, I would like to congratulate each of you on our 1 year anniversary as a clan and a community of people.  We've all heard the saying "It takes a village" and indeed it does, we have come farther than I expected. We are still growing. With that growth comes growing pains & mistakes. The most important thing we can do is learn from the these "bumps in the road" and move forward.

Some of you may wonder where the name Ravens of the Realm actually came from, well look no further our very own Drako, he came up with the name Ravens of the Realm and I'll give him credit for that. Before that though we were the Galaxy Ravens and that was from Reverendmurder himself. Thank you both for helping shape our future.

For those who are new and may not know, R.o.R. is a PS4 clan with a focus on Destiny but we play other games as well. I will be putting together a monthly survey via surveymonkey.com, which I would like all Ravens to participate in so that we can get a good idea of what else we are all playing. The survey will come out the last week of every month and will end the following month on the 4th day. 

Let's talk about Xur and his wares for the last week before the drop of the The Taken King.(HYYYYYYYPPPEEEEE) From this week forward I will be reviewing 1 item in his inventory every Friday. I want to talk about the titan helm of inmost light and what it's special abilities are. 

In column 1 of this exotic we have RAIN BLOWS - This perk allows the user quicker melee attacks.

In column 3 we have INVIGORATION - This perk gives the user a reduction in melee cool down each time an orb of light is picked up.

In column 4 we get RECKLESSNESS - This perk gives the user 2 abilities from the striker skill tree! The first is DEATH FROM ABOVE this allows the user to activate fist of havoc from the air and actually aim down to the point of impact. You will need to use your directional stick to aim it otherwise you will simply smash straight down. The second is HEADSTRONG this increases the leap distance of the fist of havoc while you are sprinting, effectively increasing the max range of the super. It also grants the user a +1 in the agility stat.

What is really interesting is that this exotic will be moving on to year 2 and will have an exotic blue print, I'm not sure what the new abilities are on it but once I have the detail I will return and update my review accordingly.

- Pr1vateblack, Founder and Leader
-SolarSnowflake, Co-Editor and Instagram lead