Did you know issue #2

Did you know that the first VoG was completed with Rev, Inaky, and myself (Pr1vateblack) over a period of about a week and multiple other people. One of whom was Chief who is no longer a Raven but should be back for Taken King! Chief was also our first official officer of the Galaxy Wolfs that was elected unanimously by popular vote. Mad props to Chief for teaching us all about VoG. (You'll notice Chief is still in our members section on the website)

Fast forward almost 1 year later we had a RoR first ever 24 guardian VoG race. We've come a long way and we've picked up some incredible individuals. I didn't think it was going to happen after we got team 2 down. The push was still there (Bh0ff, Inaky, Roy, Solar) and thank you to the members who participated in it, I look forward to future events like it.

-Pr1vateBlack & SolarSnowflake

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