The next phase!

Ravens, the next phase in our plan is about to kick off!  We have been a Destiny exclusive clan since the beginning, things are about to change around here. With the help of the officers and the newly formed “Welcome Committee” we will be taking a step into unknown territory.  Ravens of the realm will now be known as a PS4 clan and no longer a Destiny exclusive group.


What does this mean for all current members?

*The clan will still be primarily Destiny focused, we must never forget where we come from (The Traveler), but we will also be promoting other multiplayer and even single player games.

*At the beginning of each month a survey will be posted for all ravens to go and vote on which prospective games they will be purchasing. Once the numbers have been tallied we will create new chat rooms based upon numbers. (If a game has 10+ individuals in support a chat will be created with officer support)

*If a game does not get the required numbers to make a chat based on clan regulations feel free to message those folks individually to get games going.

*Ravens will no longer be kicked for not playing Destiny. However, if a person becomes inactive from activities all together they will be removed from main chats and placed in a chat entitled “Benchwarmers” until they are active again.

Remember this group was formed to have fun and play games with other people! 

As this change takes place a few questions may arise. Lets take a quick minute and address a few questions that may arise.

Will more officers be added and assigned to specific games?
The Ravens are a growing group and the five officers we have currently are doing a great job, as we grow that number may need to change. The original maximum number count was 60 members, with this change the numbers will be increased to 100. Currently we have 54 clansmen. The days of officer tryouts are far from over! To answer the second part of the question "assigned to specific games" is not something I would want to do because then it's no longer fun. What we want is an officer that enjoys the game to take up the challenge of being the "go to guy/gal" for the specified game because they love to play it.

What if a game gets voted down in the first vote but has growing popularity, will there be a re-vote?
A: Well, since we play Destiny we understand very well what people coming back after a period of time away looks like. To answer the question pointedly, yes things can be revised if there is a sudden call to arms after the initial vote, what I sense is something of a review where we would take into account the number of people playing the game at the time and make an assessment on how to proceed from the data.

Is the main Ravens chat going to stay a Destiny chat or will a separate chat be created?
It will be the hub for all things as it is now. Let's be realistic here, we talk about everything in the main chat and that is it's original intended purpose.

-Pr1vateBlack & SolarSnowflake

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