Did you know? Issue #1

Ravens one and all! Today is Friday, or better known to some of us as XURSDAY! It is also a very special day for the Ravens as we are publishing our very first "Did you know?" segment. Helping me out with publishing these posts is our very own Co. editor SolarSnowflakes! Thank you Solar for being apart of this great moment in our history.

Xur's Goods, 8/21/2015

Xur's Goods, 8/21/2015

Did you know that the clan was started in September of the year 2014 by Inaky, Reverendmurder, and Pr1vateblack(me). Our original name was Galaxy Wolfs. Not very many guardians know that Inaky originally held the title of "Founder" and was the one responsible for the misspelled plural of wolves.

The first guardian we recruited was a guy named Drako. He joined our clan the Galaxy Wolfs and never showed up for anything for the first two weeks. We eventually kicked him for being inactive. 


As many of you know, the Ravens have their own T-Shirts to help show their Pride. Originally the shirts were created for RavenCon2015 (RavenCon2015 is a yearly get together of clan members), but became fairly popular throughout the entire clan, even those who were unable to attend. We decided to have a running campaign, 24/7, so all ravens could purchase and flaunt their raven pride! 
www.represent.com/ravens-of-the-realm-1   <---order your very own t-shirt here!

- Pr1vateblack & SolarSnowflakes