The Raven Racing League (RRL)

Ravens! The Sparrow Racing League has sparked a new kind of competition within our community. The need for speed! In accordance with this need a few of our very ravens have taken it upon themselves to setup the Raven Racing League! A big shout out to Mikepatkil for coordinating and running this brand new event and to Crackabear for the graphics!

Crackabear's original RRL logo!

Crackabear's original RRL logo!

Pr1vateblack: So Mike what can we expect from the RRL?

Mikepatkill: I am proud to present the Raven Racing League (RRL), an all-Raven tournament to determine the fastest sparrow racer in the clan. Bring your fastest sparrow and let's race!

Pr1vateblack: Sounds intense, So if I want to try my hand at this what do I need to do?

Mikepatkil: This is what you need to know!

WHEN: Friday, December 18 @ 7pm CST

WHO: All Ravens welcome to compete

WHERE: Mars and Venus

HOW: Sign up on the PvP scheduler on Friday

WHY: Winner gets a SWEET PRIZE and bragging rights until SRL returns!


Mikepatkil: Check it!

Prize is the skin not an actual controller, ravens!

Prize is the skin not an actual controller, ravens!

Pr1vateblack: I'll be signing up! Are there any rules to this event?

Mikepatkil: I'm glad you asked, this is how you will be victorious and win the grand prize!

1. All racers will be randomly assigned into groups (max 6 per group). Sign-up order does not matter for group size!

2. Each group will compete in 4 SRL races with no breaks (except for agreed upon tower trips and bathroom breaks). Maps do not matter.

3. Points for each race will be determined based on finish (1st = 6 points, 2nd = 5 points, 3rd = 4 points, etc.). Each group will pick a racer to keep track of points, then add the points of the 4 races to determine final group standings.

4. After the 4 races, the top 2 or 3 racers of each group, depending on # of groups, will move to the finals.

5. The final 6 racers will compete in 4 more SRL races using the scoring in rule 3 to determine the winner.

6. The winner will receive the Grand Prize of an SRL PS4 controller skin!!!

7. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated, but good-natured ribbing is fine. Have fun, and remember we're all Ravens!!