Welcome Home, Ravens!

Ravensoftherealm.com is Live!

Welcome Ravens, to our new digital home!

Ravens of the Realm test logo

Ravens of the Realm test logo

Firstly, Thanks to the amazing generosity of several clan members, and under ever watchful leadership of Pr1vate, Ravensoftherealm.com has finally become a reality! So you may be asking yourself, now what? Well allow us to explain.

Ravensoftherealm.com is more than just your standard clan website. It was Pr1vate's goal to turn this into a repository of information, updates, and valuable resources for our budding community! So lets break down the content this site contains, along with a brief explanation of each section.

Home - The Wall 

The Wall is the first thing you will see upon coming to the website, this serves as both our home page and a blog, that will keep the clan up to date and well informed on current events, Raids, Clan meetings, and Community topics. Wanna see the video showing how Inaky wiped the raid group last night? Check the wall. Want to see the latest update from the Officers? Check the wall.

About RoR - Who We Are

This section is broken down into several smaller sections. These are as follows:

  • Our Creed 
    • Who we are, what we stand for, and what we hope to accomplish in the world of Destiny
  • Our Officers
    • An up close look at our Leadership, their experience, and their goals for the clan.
  • Our Members
    • The soul of the Ravens, You, our Members.
  • Achievement
    • All of the awesome accomplishments, RoR has claimed. Because, who doesn't like to brag? 
  • Rules of Conduct
    • This is the most current and up to date list of rules that EVERY member of the clan is expected to follow. Not sure if something is going to get you in trouble. Check the Rules of Conduct Page.

Raids - Come here to put your (digital) life on the line!

The Raids page is where you find a couple of very important pieces of content. Firstly, what our current progression goal is. This will change as new content is released. Secondly, the raid scheduler, this will take place of the line app in terms of raiding. So come here to sign up and check raid times.

Apply - Want to be a Raven? This is how you get started!

The name says it all, this is mainly for outsiders who want to join our ranks. Simply fill out the application, and wait for a response. (This can take up to two (2) days.)

Resources - The ever evolving compendium of Destiny Resources.

This section of the site, is meant simply to gather as many of resources that the Destiny community has created and put them all in one place. Links are provided and this is a great way to find out more information on our favorite game!

Well, that about does it. I hope you all enjoy our new home, use it well, and if you have a suggestion for the site please feel free to speak to an officer, or leave a comment down below. 

Fly safe, Ravens.